"DOOR" by Blacklight Chameleons
from the album, A Field Guide to Blacklight Chameleons

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Copyright (c) 1985-2003 Blacklight Chameleons & P. Bernard

Making the now-legendary "Door" video
A Reminiscence by Peter Bernard
I remember the first time I met Dino and Sharon, way, way back in 86 or 87 I guess.
We were all tripping (as was the custom) and
they told me about the big budget they had received to make a
music video. I had already had bad experiences making a band clip when
I was like 20 so at first I resisted the offer to direct theirs.

But Sharon had been in the first Beastie Boys video and she had
some pull in the industry, so there was enough money to do the entire thing
on 35mm, an idea I coudn't resist.
I had this vision of images superimposed over each other,
which was an expensive thing to do in post-production
back in those days. I pressed the record company for more money
but they refused angrily. Eventually, Dino agreed to sell his
1950 Stromberg Master 400 (a rare guitar, apparently)
to finance the completion of the project.

The work stretched on for month after painstaking month.
Finally it was completed. I invited Dino and Sharon
to view the film at a local screening room.
Dino responded that the band had broken up
and the video was scrapped.

Imagine my surprise when so many years later, Dino would
tell me about the grand re-release of "Field Guide" on CD
and ask me if I still had a copy of the clip.
After he bribed me enough, I admitted there was ONE
scratchy 35mm master up in a vault in the attic of my mansion
that might perhaps be transferrable to video IF WE WERE LUCKY.

Download the clip, wait till you're peaking,
turn the volume up loud, and put the video on "full screen."
~~ Peter Bernard, Winter 2003